For the English-speaking community around Församlingsfakulteten (Lutheran School of Theology in Gothenburg, Sweden), a special offer is extended in February 2024. The following events are available in English (see extensive information below):

9 countries represented in the STM-course in September 2023
  • February 21-22: intensive course on Isaiah with Dr. Paul Raabe
  • February 23: international Bible conference on The Holy Spirit, featuring Gottfried Martens, Charles Gieschen and Paul Raabe
  • February 26-March 1: intensive course in the STM-program on Hermeneutics, with Dr. Charles Gieschen (only if places are available). 9 countries were represented in the STM-course in September (pictured).

Thinking about the Church via Zion Theology: Isaiah 24-33

“BC Zion was the BC Church. The AD Church is the AD Zion. Isaiah lived during a time when Zion was under threat of assault by Assyria. In this troubling context God through his prophet had much theology to say to the people of Jerusalem with accusation, warning, and promise. God was doing a strange work toward Zion but ultimately to serve his saving purpose, to make Zion the place of refuge, joy, and the resurrection unto eternal life for Israel and for all Gentiles, who with great unanimity will worship the Holy One of Israel.”

Dr. Paul Raabe

Two-day-long independent intensive-course (Wednesday-Thursday, February 21-22, 9pm-4am) is offered in conjunction with the international Bible Conference at FFG. This is a unique opportunity to listen to, and meet, Dr. Paul Raabe, who is the author of the forthcoming Concordia Commentary on Isaiah 13-27 (pre-order here) and to discover some of the treasures of Isaiah’s message to, and about, the Church.

Registration fee is 600 SEK for both days (coffee included), which includes also free admission to the Bible Conference on Friday. Register by contacting FFG before February 17.

The Holy Spirit

Two-day-long international Bible conference (Friday-Saturday, February 23-24), offering a full program in English on Friday. Speakers: Paul Raabe, Gottfried Martens, Charles Gieschen

Schedule for the 23rd of February:

12.00-13.30: Prophetic Promises of the Eschatological Holy Spirit, Paul R. Raabe

Coffee break

14.00-15.00: The activity of God’s Spirit through dreams and visions among Muslims, Gottfried Martens

15.15-16.30: The Spirit in the Book of Revelation, Charles Gieschen

The conference addresses theological and pastoral aspects on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. It continues on Saturday, with program in Swedish. For a full conference schedule (in Swedish), click here. Gottfried Martens (pictured) is, among other things, known for his extensive work among Muslim converts in Berlin. Registration fee is 200 SEK (coffee included). Register by contacting FFG before February 17.

Hermeneutics (only if places are available)

Week-long intensive-course (Monday-Friday February 26-March 1) in the STM-program on biblical hermeneutics from a confessional Lutheran perspective, with Dr. Charles Gieschen (pictured) from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne.

The STM-program is suitable both for those who wish to equip themselves for theological leadership in the church and for those planning to continue with studies for a doctoral degree. It is possible to apply for the whole program, or just this specific course. For further information and registration, contact FFG.

Forthcoming courses in the STM-program (information coming soon):

  • September 9-13: TBA
  • November 18-22: TBA
  • March 3-7, 2025: TBA

A downloadable broschure about FFG in English